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Tickets Privacy Policy

Paysera Tickets system

1. Private limited liability company “Paysera LT”, legal person code 300060819, address: Mėnulio st. 7, Vilnius (hereinafter – Paysera), is registered in the State Register of Personal Data Controllers under the procedure set forth in the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania (registration code P3127).
2. Paysera manages the ticketing system “Paysera Tickets”, accessed under the address (hereinafter – Paysera Tickets system), which is a ticketing platform for events, providing the possibility to create events and publish information about events, distribute tickets, buy tickets and register to events.
3. Services provided by the Paysera Tickets system include creating events and registration to events, selling tickets, purchasing tickets, reading (using) published information, providing and receiving any information and / or data of any type and all the other services which Paysera provides or may provide in the future via the Paysera Tickets system (hereinafter – Services).

Aims of the Privacy Policy

4. The present Privacy policy (hereinafter – Privacy policy) is a document which defines main rules of collection, management and storage of personal data and other important information, scope, aims and other important aspects of personal data for persons who use the Paysera Tickets system.
5. The Privacy policy is applied to all persons (both natural and legal) who use Paysera Tickets system.
6. The Privacy policy is designed to protect data of users of the Paysera Tickets system from illegal use.
7. Paysera respects the right to personal privacy and undertakes all reasonably possible efforts to ensure safety and confidentiality of personal data and other information processed in the Paysera Tickets system. In order to protect this information from unauthorized access, use, copying or disclosure, Paysera uses a variety of administrative, technical and physical security instruments.
8. All personal data collected by Paysera are processed in accordance with the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data and other legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.

Compliance with the Privacy Policy

9. By visiting the website ( and / or using the information and / or Services contained therein, the person acknowledges and confirms that s/he has learned the Privacy policy, understands it and agrees to it. If the person does not agree to the Privacy policy and conditions set forth therein, s/he does not have the right to use the Paysera Tickets system and Services provided via the system.
10. By agreeing to the Privacy policy, the person gives Paysera the right to process his/her personal data under the procedure set forth in the Privacy policy.
11. Paysera notes that the Paysera Tickets system contains links to websites of third persons, companies or organizations (which are event organizers) and the personal information provided when purchasing a ticket or registering to a specific event is transferred to the organizer of the event. Paysera does not hold the responsibility for the content of websites, personal data processing methods and assurance of personal privacy on the websites of event organizers (or other third persons), even if the person accesses websites of third persons via links provided on the present website; thus, prior to providing information about him/herself, the person shall learn the rules, privacy terms and conditions and other documents of the relevant website and its manager, related to processing of personal data.

Personal Data Collected in the Paysera Tickets System

12. The Privacy policy is applied to any information which may be collected from persons while using the Services and which is considered personal data, i.e. information which may be directly related to the person or used to identify the person. Provisions of the present Privacy policy are not applied in regard to information which is not considered personal data.
13. Certain data on the present website, which Paysera receives directly from the person, may be considered personal data; thus, Paysera processes such data in compliance with requirements of the legislation and other legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania and provisions of the present Privacy policy.
14. The scope of data collected in the Paysera Tickers system depends on the Service which the person aims to use.
15. Website visitor: A person can visit the website of the Paysera Tickets system and read the information given therein without providing any information about him/herself to Paysera.
16. Event organizer: Paysera collects and processes personal data of event organizers, but taking into account that first of all event organizers are provided with Paysera payment services, collection and processing of personal data is executed in accordance with the General payment service agreement and the Supplement “Privacy policy”.

Ticket buyer

17. If a person wishes to buy a ticket to an event published on the Paysera Tickets website, Paysera always requests to provide a personal email address where the purchased electronic tickets will be sent later.
18. Paysera mandatorily requires and processes the following data of the person who uses the Paysera Tickets system to purchase tickets: email address.
19. When a person purchases a ticket, the email address provided by the person is always transferred to the organizer of the event of the purchased ticket. By confirming the order of the ticket to the event, the person also confirms his/her consent to transfer the personal information (personal data) s/he fills in to the event organizer.
20. The Paysera Tickets system provides the possibility to the event organizer to create fields of additional information about ticket buyers (event participants) for a specific event.
21. Besides the mandatorily collected email address, event organizers may optionally collect via the Paysera Tickets system the following additional data of persons registering to a specific event: name, surname, phone number, date of birth and address. The date of birth and the address are collected only in exceptional cases, when such data is mandatory for participation in the event.
22. Event organizers are recommended to confine to collection of data which is necessary for the specific event and collect it only for purposes of the event and services provided during the event, and in no cases collect personal identity codes and / or other sensitive data.
23. If the event organizer aims to use collected data for marketing purposes, the event organizer shall inform persons thereof before collecting such data and receive their consent. The functionality of notification and reception of consents is available in the Paysera Tickets system.
24. If the person agrees to provide the information required by the event organizer, by confirming the order of the ticket to the event, the person also confirms his/her consent to transfer the personal information (personal data) s/he fills in to the event organizer.
25. Personal information (personal data), filled in and provided to the event organizer by one’s own volition when registering to a specific event, is also protected by Paysera under provisions of the present Privacy policy.
26. The person is responsible for provision of his/her personal data, their accuracy and completeness.
27. Paysera does not hold the responsibility for methods of assurance of compliance with the Privacy policy used by event organizers; thus, prior to providing information about him/herself, the person is recommended to learn the rules of processing of personal data of the relevant event organizer.

Purpose of Personal Data Collection

28. All data, which the person provides when purchasing a ticket in the Paysera Tickets system, are processed for the following purpose: to purchase a ticket via the Paysera Tickets system. Paysera requires from persons to provide personal data exclusively for the present purpose.

Use of Personal Data for Purposes of Internal Administration

29. Paysera has the right to use collected personal data for purposes of internal administration:
29.1. in order to improve operation and functionality of the Paysera Tickets system, to better understand needs of users, improve Services, etc.
29.2. also, if a person has voluntarily provided his/her personal data for a certain specific purpose to Paysera, Paysera can use this personal data for this specific purpose, e.g. if a person contacts Paysera via email to submit a request on Services provided in the Paysera Tickets system, Paysera saves and uses data provided by the person to submit the answer to the person’s questions, solve the problem and reply to the indicated email address or other indicated contact data.
30. Paysera does not use any personal data collected when using Services in the Paysera Tickets system for purposes of direct marketing.
31. Paysera will inform users of the Paysera Tickets system if in certain cases a need arises to use personal data for other purposes than specifically stated in the present Privacy policy. Such notification is all cases is executed prior to collecting personal data.

Personal Data Storage Terms

32. Paysera stores collected personal data for up to 5 (five) years from the date of the event of the ticket purchased via the Paysera Tickets system or provision of personal data, if personal data have not been provided for purposes of a specific event.

Voluntary Nature, Accuracy and Completeness of Data Provision

33. All information, which a person provides to Paysera, is provided in accordance with the principles of voluntarity, accuracy and completeness of information. When purchasing a ticket in the Paysera Tickets system and / or providing personal data, the person agrees for his/her personal data to be processed under the procedure and for purposes set forth in the present Privacy policy and transferred the event organizer.
34. Paysera does not verify the provided personal information. It is considered that the information provided by the person is complete and accurate, and the person who provides the information holds the responsibility for accuracy and completeness of the provided information.

Disclosure of Data

35. All the aforementioned information, which comprises personal data, will not be transferred to any third persons without the person’s consent, except for cases defined in the present Privacy policy, when it is required by the applied legislation or it is necessary for purposes of provision of Services.
36. Paysera may disclose personal data or information provided by the person, when such disclosure is required by the valid legislation or competent institutions. Paysera may also disclose personal data or information only if it is not prohibited by the legislation and only when it can be objectively justified in the specific case. Paysera commits to do not disclose personal data to third persons, expect for the following cases:
36.1. when the person gives his/her consent for disclosure of personal data;
36.2. when providing Services – to a specific event organizer who organizes the event, to which the person has purchased a ticket, having informed the person thereof (as provided in the Present Privacy policy and also in agreements with event organizers);
36.3. to law enforcement institutions under the procedure set forth by the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania;
36.4. if it is necessary to prevent or investigate criminal activities;
36.5. in other cases set forth by the legislation.
37. In case of the need, Paysera reserves the right to employ other persons at its own discretion for execution of certain functions on behalf of Paysera. For such persons to be able to execute assigned functions, they may be given access to certain personal information. However, in such cases Paysera will ensure that the mentioned persons will not able to use such information for any other purposes and only to the extend necessary to execute the assigned functions.

Learning Personal Data Stored by Paysera, Correction of Inaccuracies and Refusal from Processing

38. The person has the right to demand to learn his/her personal data collected and stored by Paysera via the Paysera Tickets system, their processing method and ask for such data to be provided to him/her. Once a calendar year such data may be provided free of charge, but in other cases provision of data may be charged at the amount which does not exceed the cost of data provision.
39. The subject of personal data has the right to demand from Paysera to correct all inaccuracies of his/her personal data free of charge. The subject of personal data also has the right to refuse to have his/her personal data processed and disclosed to third persons, except when it is necessary to provide Services on the website.
40. The request to access personal data stored by Paysera, correct them or refuse to have them processed has to be sent to the email address In the request, the person shall clearly indicate his/her name, surname and email address.
41. For correction or deletion of data, which have been transferred to the event organizer, the person shall contact the event organizer directly.

Cookies and Attendance

42. Paysera may use cookies in the Paysera Tickets system. Cookies are small files sent to the person’s web browser and stored on his/her computer’s hard drive. Cookies are sent to the person’s computer the first time s/he visits the present website. Later, cookies are used to identify the person’s computer and facilitate his/her access to this website or the information contained therein. The person agrees for cookies to be used. Most web browsers accept cookies, but the person can change his/her browser settings so that cookies are not accepted. In this case, some features may not work.
43. Like many website managers, Paysera monitors hits of the Paysera Tickets system and the website, and collects information on how many people have visited the website, what is the server domain name of the visitors’ Internet service provider, etc. This information is collected automatically when visiting the website. It helps the website manager to understand how visitors use the website and allows to improve Services provided by Paysera.

Concluding Provisions

44. 44. Paysera reserves the right to amend provisions of the Privacy policy at any time. Such amendments come into force from the moment they are published on the website of the Company. Thus, persons, who visit the website and use Services, are recommended to always learn the newest version of the Privacy policy, which is applied at the moment of visiting the website and using Services.
45. Provisions of the present Privacy policy are subjected to the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania. All disputes regarding provisions of the present Privacy policy shall be solved through negotiation, and in the event of failure to reach an agreement – in the courts of the Republic of Lithuania.